Fun Interactives for your next event. From Mechanical Rides to fun Life Size Games. Everyone will enjoy your next event, Because you are playing with them and their kids and remembering how imported are their kids. Try our best old time favorite game on for size. Some game are not for people who have a back problum or any Medical orders not to use this kind of units.



2 Lane Bungee Run

40L x 13W x 12Ht

The inflatable 2 Lane Bungee Run is an interactive game where 2 people are tied to the inflatable unit and race to the edge to see who will shoot the ball into the basketball hoop first while jumping through obstacles. Good for kids 10 and up. Please, do not use for smaller children.



2 Pairs of Jumbo Boxing Gloves

2 pairs of Jumbo Boxing Gloves that are designed with a handle inside for comfort. Can be used with any jumping area inflatable.

Made with extra padding and cushion for safety.
Recommended for ages 8 and up.



4 Pony Hops

4 Inflatable Ponies. Grab your hat and Friends and see who can win a race of a life time. These can only be used on grass. Please, Keep inflastables off the cement and Dirt areas to keep units safe. Replacement of unit is $150.00 and will be billed to you if they are not taken care of.

2 different sizes available: Medium or Large. (4 of each )

Medium Units are for kids 12 and under. Dimensions of Medium Unit: 46" x 46" x 17"

Large units are for 13 year old's and older. Weight Limit of 650 lbs. Dimensions of Large Unit: 55" x 55" x 22"


Or for even more fun, book the Pony Hop Race Track which already includes 6 Ponies. See SKU# FDEF

Call to reserve. $90.00 for 24hrs. rental time/price. Delivery Fee will apply.



Big Inflatable Movie Screen

24'L x 10'W x 20'H

Have a Movie night or game night on the big screen. Includes only the 20' screen, Projector (you need to have your own cable for the items you are using it with), Speaker, and a speaker stand. Contact us for more information.



Boxing Ring 15x15 (136&137)

15'L x 15'W x 10'H

15x15 Boxing Ring with two sets of gloves.

Have a friendly competition with your guests at your next event.

Please keep the kids in groups no further than 3 years apart.



Mechanical Bull

16Ft x 16ft x 7ft

Rent the mechanical bull for your next birthday party, corporate event or any other special event. This is a serious challenge where you test your ability to ride just like the cowboys. Safe enough for children and tough enough for the professional bull riders! The mechanical bull isn't just a ride, but an experience filled with realistic rodeo action. See if you can tame the bull.

One of the safest and real looking mechanical bull ride out there.

Contact us for Pricing. Rental includes ride operator for Ride Hours.

Contact us to reserve or if you have any questions.



Mechanical Shark

16ft x 16ft x 6ft

A Fun twist to the classic Mechanical Bull. Enjoy the Mechanical Shark. See if you can escape alive.

Call to book.


Mechanical Skateboard Ride

Can you ride like a pro? See how long you can last on the Mechanical Skateboard.

3 Hours: $650

Each additional Hour is $150. Attendant included in pricing.Area for unit must be leveled and clear.

Call us to reserve.


Mechanical Snowboard Ride

Feel like going down the slopes? The Mechanical Snowboard ride is sure to feel like you're going down the slopes.

Must call to reserve item.


Mechanical Surfboard Ride

Ride the waves in the Mechanical Surfboard ride.

Call to reserve.


Pony Hop Race Track

28'W x 58'L x 13'H

And they're off! The Pony Hop track is designed to add a bit of humor and a whole lot of fun to any event or party! Patrons compete by sitting on top of captured air ponies, winding through the maze, and then racing to the finish line! Recommended 4 ponies racing at a time.



Hippo Chow Down

30'L x 20'W x 6'H

Who's ready to chow down? This is the latest bungee tug a war style game. Compete with your friends to see who is hungrier.

Great for the younger kids too. Must inform us if there will be younger players to supply additional bungee needed for the kids. Game includes 25 Balls. Any items lost or missing will be charged to customer, an ins fee will be added to this unit $25.00 at booking. Must be 7yrs and over to play this game.

Entrance and pathway to set up area must be at least 4ft wide, clear and leveled.

Please keep the kids in groups no further than 3 years apart.
Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.
Parks are extra. Call for more info.



Pinata Jak Stand

11'W x 11'L

All kids love the challenge of breaking the pinata, but adults know how hard it can be to prepare the pinata. The Pinata Jak stand makes it easier.

Set up of Unit included.

No stick included.

Delivery Fee will apply.



3in1 Carnival Games

7'L x 19'W x 9'6"H

Vibrant Carnival Game combo. Includes 3 games: Ring Toss, Milk Smash Ferris Wheel Toss.

Any lost or damaged items will be charged to card on file.

Accessories included are

4 Rings for Ring Toss

4 Softballs for Can Smash

4 Bean Bags for Ferris Wheel Toss

Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.

Parks are extra. Call for more info.



4in1 Carnival Games

12'L x 24'W x 14'H

Games Available in this unit:

Basketball: Shoot as many balls in one minute.

Tic-Tac-Toss: Throw the bean bags and line them in a row to win.

Ring Toss: Toss the rings and see who can get more onto the pencils and win.

Magic Hat: Knock the floating balls.

Accessories Included: 2 Basketballs, 11 colorful plastic balls for Magic Hat, 6 Rings for Ring Toss, 12 Vinyl Bean Bags for Tic Tac Toe.

Delivery Fee will apply.



Carnival Games 5in1

16H x 16W x 12L

A Grand Selection of games all in one inflatable. The Carnival Games 5in1 Includes the Following games: wild Fun, Tic Tac Toe, Clown Toss, Velcro Darts, and Color Matching.

Game includes:

6 Velcro Darts for Candy Darts

5 White Wiffle Balls for Wild Fun

5 White Wiffle Balls for Tic Tac Toe

5 Yellow Wiffle Balls for Clown Toss

12 Plastic Balls in Mix colors for Colors

Book now. Price is to a home in the San Fernando Valley.




Sport Zone 3in1

19'W x 7'L x 10'H

Check out this vibrant Carnival Game. This inflatable includes the toss style games: Baseball, Basketball, and Football. Perfect for your sports theme event.

Balls needed included. Any accessories lost will be charged to the card on file at $15 each.

Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.
Parks are extra. Call for more info.



World Of Sports Jr.

24'L x 17'W x 13'H

This five sided inflatable rental will keep many of your guests entertained at the same time. It has football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and dart-frisbee. This game rental works great at large school and church events or even at large birthday parties. The “Jr.” option is the baby brother of our larger 5 sided game called the World Sports Games. Depending on the age group of the people who are playing, one might work better than the other. Call us to plan your next party!

Game Pieces needed are included. Please keep track of accessories to avoid any replacement fees. Unit includes 2 Basketballs, 2 Soccer balls, 2, Footballs 2 Frisbees, 6 Velcro Darts, 4 Plastic Colored Balls and 1 Bat.
NOTE: Any accessories lost will be charged to the customer.

Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.

Parks have an extra fee.



Gladiator Joust 24x24

24'L x 24'W x 6'H

Gladiator Joust Great for your Events. Ages 8 - 30yrs, 2 at a time.



Human Foosball Arena

45'L x 20'W x 7'H

Are you crazy about some fun competition? Try The Human Foosball game. Up to 10 players at a time compete in a 5 on 5 game to see who is the best. Pick your teams and start playing! Great for any corporate events, school events, and sporting events.



Jake's Ladder

24'L x 24'W x 10'H

Up for the challenge? Try the Jake's Ladders on for size.



Joust 15x15

15'L x 15'W x 7'H

Joust 15x15

Rental price is for 1- 8hrs. only.



Sticky Wall Castle

21'L x 13'W x 15'H

See who can jump the highest and stick onto the Wall Castle. Unit includes the special suits.



Sumo Suit Wrestlers

Sumo suit wrestling will be a fun and hilarious party option for your next event. Kids must be 10yrs and over for this unit to work for your next event. (2 come with it)

Holiday Pricing: Regular price + $25.00

Please keep the young Teens in groups no further than 3 years apart.
Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.

Parks are extra. Contact us for more information.