Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions


DELIVERY: Delivery is to the address specified by the customer. Customer grants ALADIN JUMPERS the right to enter the property for installations and take down of jumper(s). The customer will be subjected to additional charges of $50 for a service call due to any electrical failure caused by customer negligence.

GENERAL RULES TO FOLLOW DURING USE OF THE JUMPER ARE: Always maintain the same age group (no further apart than 3 years). The maximum number of participants of each age group that should play/jump inside a unit at one time is:

1-4 years:(10) 5-8 years:(8) 9-14 years:(6) NO ADULTS

All persons MUST remove shoes, eye glasses, and all sharp objects including pens, pencils and hair clips. ABSOLUTELY no toys, food, candy or drinks allowed in this unit/jumper. No flipping, no tackling, no hanging on the net or walls and no kicking or pushing. Remember to always separate the big kids front the small kids. This is very important in order to avoid any accidents.

TERMS OF RENTAL: The CUSTOMER shall be fully responsible for operation after receiving the jump unit. ALADIN JUMPERS is not responsible for any injuries occurring while rental of jump unit is in progress. The customer further agrees to hold ALADIN JUMPERS free and harmless against any claims; and further shall be identified for any and all cost incurred due to claims from anyone; including court costs and attorney fees; and other related costs involving the jump rental. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the replacement value of a new jumper unit in the event of that, vandalism, fire or any act which may damage or destroy the rental property. Failure to observe the terms of this agreement, to make payment, or failure to have the equipment ready for pick up as agreed to, shall make the customer liable for any additional one day rental fee per day until all equipment is returned, plus any court and/or attorney fees incurred in order to obtain return of this rental product.

Actors/Performers: The Actors/performers are only there for the time agreed upon by both parties, "Aladin Jumpers" and "the Customer (name on the contract)". Times may not be changed unless an emergency occurs in which case the event is postponed/canceled. If postponing/canceling, please call our office 48 hours in advance not the day of the event or you will be charged for the full amount due of the actors/performers. A 50% non-refundable Reservation fee will be needed to book their services and will not be returned upon cancelation. You, the customer, fully agree to ensure the safety of our actors/performers and maintaining their props as everything is under your care. If any items were left behind, they can be returned to the Driver upon pick up or you can report the item to our office, if not, it will be your obligation to return the items within 48 hours. If the item was not returned and/or damaged/lost, the items will be charged using the same information used to book, you will be notified beforehand. (if payment was with card and additional $5.oo convenience fee will be charged).

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