Market Umbrellas w/Base

9 Ft

These Market umbrellas are perfect to cover one 60" Round table. Pricing includes the base and market umbrella. Delivery and set up fee may apply.

Umbrella is only available in an off white color.

Umbrellas has a open span of 9ft.

Also available as a set with a round 60" Table(Different Pricing)



Vinyl Umbrellas w/Stand

7ft Diamater

Just need to cover one table? No problem, this rental umbrella will do that for you. Rental Price includes Base and Umbrellas. Delivery Fee may apply.

We also have tables where the umbrella can be placed right in the middle.

Umbrellas are only available in white. Open up to a span of 7 ft.



Market Umbrella and Table Set

A Market umbrella with a 60" Round Table. Table can seat up 8 to 10 People. Umbrella opens up to a 9ft Diameter and is an off white color. Set only includes the table and umbrella.

Metal stand, Linens and chairs available for an additional fee.

Set up and Delivery fee will apply.



Vinyl Umbrellas and Table Set

7 ft

Vinyl (Strong Plastic) Umbrellas. Set includes the Vinyl umbrella and 1 60" Round Table. These umbrellas open up to a 7ft Diameter. Linens and chairs available for an additional Fee.

Umbrella only available in a white color. Have a span of 7 ft.