Cocktail Table (Short Round 36")

36" Diameter x 30" Height

36" Round in Diameter Short Tables. Height of 30".

Linens and bar stools available for an additional fee.


Linen Recommendation:

90" Round Linen 27" Drop
108" Round Linen To The Floor with a 9" Puddle . Excellent size for sash tie back.
Delivery Fee may apply.



Wood Table (Large Serpentine)

A Serpentine Wood Table for your party needs.

Call to reserve.

Price for one unit is $16.00

Delivery Fee may apply.


Kids Table (6 Ft Plastic)

6 ft long

A standard 6 ft tables with shorter legs to accommodate the kids. Can seat between 6-8 Toddlers. No chairs included. Don't forget to reserve the Kids Chairs(Different Styles available).

Delivery Fee may apply.



Kids Round Table (48" White Plastic)

Short Round table for kids. These 48" Round tables can sit 6-8 Toddlers.

Delivery fee may apply.



Kids Set of Table and Chairs

Our newest members of the kids tables and Chairs. A 3 ft off white plastic table and chairs to match. Shown 4 chairs and 1 kids table for $12.00



Cocktail Tables (High Round 36")

36" Round in Diameter High Tables. Can also be rented out short to standard height.

Linens and bar stools available for an additional fee.


Delivery Fee may apply.



Tables (2.5 Ft Plastic)

2.5 ft L

A small 2.5 Foot table for your small space needs. Delivery Fee may apply.



Table (4 Ft Rectangular Plastic)

4 ft L x 2 ft W

Smaller than a standard 6ft table for dessert or presents. Tables can also be used short for the little toddlers as pictured on the second image. Toddler Chairs avaialble for an additional fee.



Wood Table (4 ft. x 2.5ft)

4'L x 2.5'W x 3'H

Wood Rectangular table 4ft x 2.5ft.



Tables (6 Ft Plastic)

6 ft x 2.5 x 2.5ft

Standard 6ft Tables which can seat between 6-8 guests.

3 on each long side and 1 on each end.

Delivery fee may apply. We also have longer tables and Round.



Table (8 Ft Plastic)

8 ft L

Long 8ft Tables. Great for Buffet Style Dinners or to seat more guests. This table accommodates 8-10 people. Sit 4 on each long side and 1 on each end.

Delivery Fee may apply.



Wood Table (8 Ft Rectangular)

8ft long

Wood Tables that can seat between 8-10 Guests.

Standard Table height and 8ft in length.

Delivery Fee may apply.



Round Table (48" Plastic)

Round table to seat between 6-8 Guests. Larger round table also avaialble.

Delivery may apply.



Wood Half Moon Table (Half 48")

Small Half Moon table for drinks or any other use you might like. Contact to reserve. Rent for $10.50 each one.

Delivery fee may apply.


Round Table (60" Plastic)

60" Round

Large 60" Round Tables. Sit between 8-10 people. Also available with a hole in the middle for umbrellas. Umbrellas available for an additional fee. Linens and chairs also available for an additional Fee.

Driver does not set up Chairs or tables. Service avaialble for an additional fee.



Wood Half Moon Table (Half 60")

Larger Half moon table. Use for present, desserts or any other use you might have.

Delivery fee may apply.



Round Tables (72" Wood)

The Largest Round tables we have. 72" Round Tables which sit between 10 to 12 people. Delivery Fee may apply.