Carnival Games


Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Large interactive units and fun games. From simple table top carnival games to large Inflatables


Rental is for 24 hrs. at homes for this kind of games. Contact us if you have any questions. Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.

Park orders are only from 1 to 6 Hrs. rental. (Must be phoned in)


2 Lane Bungee Run

40L x 13W x 12Ht

The inflatable 2 Lane Bungee Run is an interactive game where 2 people are tied to the inflatable unit and race to the edge to see who will shoot the ball into the basketball hoop first while jumping through obstacles. Good for kids 10 and up. Please, do not use for smaller children.



2 Pairs of Jumbo Boxing Gloves

2 pairs of Jumbo Boxing Gloves that are designed with a handle inside for comfort. Can be used with any jumping area inflatable.

Made with extra padding and cushion for safety.
Recommended for ages 8 and up.



4 Pony Hops

4 Inflatable Ponies. Grab your hat and Friends and see who can win a race of a life time. These can only be used on grass. Please, Keep inflastables off the cement and Dirt areas to keep units safe. Replacement of unit is $150.00 and will be billed to you if they are not taken care of.

2 different sizes available: Medium or Large. (4 of each )

Medium Units are for kids 12 and under. Dimensions of Medium Unit: 46" x 46" x 17"

Large units are for 13 year old's and older. Weight Limit of 650 lbs. Dimensions of Large Unit: 55" x 55" x 22"


Or for even more fun, book the Pony Hop Race Track which already includes 6 Ponies. See SKU# FDEF

Call to reserve. $90.00 for 24hrs. rental time/price. Delivery Fee will apply.



Balloon Blast Pop




Cash Vault

7' W x 5' L x 10Ft Ht

Money Machine is a great and exciting new way of keeping your kids happy for their Birthdays or just because they deserves a great time and extra money.... this is a one person Entertainment unit.



Pony Hop Race Track

28'W x 58'L x 13'H

And they're off! The Pony Hop track is designed to add a bit of humor and a whole lot of fun to any event or party! Patrons compete by sitting on top of captured air ponies, winding through the maze, and then racing to the finish line! Recommended 4 ponies racing at a time.



The Viking Axe Throw

19'L x 21'W x 12'H

Think you have what it takes to get a Bulls-eye? Try and find out with the realistic grand Axe Throw.

We are proud to introduce the definitive inflatable axe throw. Larger-than-life artwork, realistic foam axes, and a built-in vinyl floor make this the best inflatable Axe Throw.

If you've never thrown axes, it's similar to playing darts. Each player takes turns throwing axes (we include 3 red and 3 blue in a case), and tries to score the most points.

Please keep track of axes. Any lost items will be discussed and charged properly an ins fee will be added to this unit $25.00 at booking.

Delivery Fee may apply.



Treasure Maze

28'W x 28'L x 7'H

Try to find your way out of this Inflatable Maze, with turns and walls all around, you're bound to get lost. Inflatable Maze can be used for so many different activities, whether it's for Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Horror Nights, or escape room. This Inflatable Maze can be used by many participants at the same time, up to 10-12 people at once!

Delivery Fee may apply. Price to a home in the San Fernando Valley. Customer is responsible to ensure there is plenty of room available for the unit.



Pluck a Duck Arcade: 2 Player

3'W x 4'L x 4'H

Pluck A Duck is the world first and only head-to-head steady hand puzzle game. Carefully try to remove the ducks without touching the outline. Perfect for a 1v1. See who can rescue the most ducks.

An outlet is required for this unit.



10 Ft. Striker

5'L x 5'W x 12'H

Our 10ft Striker is perfect for your next event.

See who can ring the bell.

Pathway to set up area must be atleast 3 ft Wide

Regular Price: $160.00

Holiday Pricing: Regular Price + $20.00

Price to a home in the San Fernando Valley. Delivery Fee may apply. Parks are extra $, contact us for more information.



14 ft Striker

Easy Striker high striker is a trailer-mounted version of the old-fashioned "ring-the-bell" carnival midway game. It has long been a huge hit at company picnics, block parties, and fireman's fairs. Its mobility and ease of set up makes it the simplest high striker on the market. Its adjustable settings make it a real challenge for men, women, and kids alike.
Easy Striker features:
  • Lightweight aluminum tower that will be a big hit with the adults at your event.
  • Trailer-mounted for mobility to the area indicated by van.
  • Park models also available
  • Sets up quickly and easily without any tools
  • No guy-wires are needed
  • Always a crowd pleaser
  • Start turning a nice profit in no time at our next fundraiser event.
  • Low maintenance (1 person Staff needed)
  • Includes rugged, heavy-duty rubber urethane mallet

Delivery and Set up fee may apply.



Kiddie 7 Ft. Caterpillar Striker

4'L x 4'W x 7'H

A Fun Small Kiddie striker for the little ones. Hammer is included.

Have the little ones show their skill.

Delivery fee may apply.



Dunk Tank

4ft L x 4ft W x 8ft H

Can you dunk the person sitting above the tank? ( adult, teacher, mother or father ). Want to fundraise for your Church, school or just because. Reserve the dank tank today.

Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.
NO PARKS- Unit cant be taken to a park. Call for more info.



Hippo Chow Down

30'L x 20'W x 6'H

Who's ready to chow down? This is the latest bungee tug a war style game. Compete with your friends to see who is hungrier.

Great for the younger kids too. Must inform us if there will be younger players to supply additional bungee needed for the kids. Game includes 25 Balls. Any items lost or missing will be charged to customer, an ins fee will be added to this unit $25.00 at booking. Must be 7yrs and over to play this game.

Entrance and pathway to set up area must be at least 4ft wide, clear and leveled.

Please keep the kids in groups no further than 3 years apart.
Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.
Parks are extra. Call for more info.



Sumo Suit Wrestlers

Sumo suit wrestling will be a fun and hilarious party option for your next event. Kids must be 10yrs and over for this unit to work for your next event. (2 come with it)

Holiday Pricing: Regular price + $25.00

Please keep the young Teens in groups no further than 3 years apart.
Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.

Parks are extra. Contact us for more information.



Carnival Treat Shop

12'L x 18'W x 12'H

This Full Graphic Carnival treat shop has plenty of space to set-up your food machines. There are also four windows which can be used to serve from. This unit also includes a rear door for easy access. The removable velcro panels allow you to customize the menu board out in front.




Pinata Jak Stand

11'W x 11'L

All kids love the challenge of breaking the pinata, but adults know how hard it can be to prepare the pinata. The Pinata Jak stand makes it easier.

Set up of Unit included.

No stick included.

Delivery Fee will apply.



Skee-Ball inflatable unit

22'L x 6.5'W x 9'H

Compete with a friend in this fun and popular Skee Ball Game to see who can get the most points. It is played by rolling balls up an inclined lane. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by having the ball fall into holes which have different point values assigned to them. The balls roll right back to you and you can start again. Includes 3 Balls and set of Velcro points.

Unit must be set up on a flat clear surface. Any items lost or broken under customer care will be charged a replacement fee, an ins fee will be added to this unit $25.00 at booking.

Delivery fee will apply based on zip code. Parks are extra.



3in1 Darts

15'L x 4'W x 15'H

Enjoy Archery, Soccer and Tennis with a twist in this new inflatable.

This option includes all 3 Games: Archery Dart, Soccer Dart and Tennis Dart.

Comes with 3 Velcro Soccer Balls, 3 Tennis Balls and 1 Racket, 4 Special Bows and 1 Arrow.

Only our special items are to be used on this inflatable. Any lost items will be charged to customers Credit Card on file, an ins fee will be added to this unit $50.00 at booking.

Any questions, Contact us.

Rent now for $220.00

Delivery fee will apply based on Zip code.



Archery Dart Game

15'L x 4'W x 15'H

Have Archery Skills? Test them out in our Archery Dart Inflatable. Bow and special arrows included. Price to a home in the San Fernando Valley. Delivery Fee may apply. Parks are extra $.

If any of the items (Bow, Arrow, inflatable) are damaged or lost, then they will be charged at their full retail value. Please take care of all items while under your care. An ins fee will be added to this unit $50.00 at booking. A Debit/Credit Card will be required to book this unit.



Soccer Dart Game

15'L x 4'W x 15'H

A twist to the Classic Dart Game. Compete with your friends to see who can get a higher score. Comes with 3 special soccer balls that stick onto the dart inflatable. Other Game options available as well. Contact us for more details.

If any of the velcro soccer balls are lost or damaged upon pick up, then a $40 replacement fee applies. An ins fee will be added to this unit $40.00 at booking.



Tennis Dart Game

15'L x 4'W x 15'H

Put your skills to the test. Try out the Tennis Dart Game. Use the racket to score some points. Other Games are also available with this unit. Game includes 1 Racket and 2 Tennis balls.

A replacement fee will apply if any of the game accessories are lost or damaged. An ins fee will be added to this unit $50.00 at booking.

Delivery Fee will apply based on zip code.

Parks are extra. Call for more info.



Grand Carnival Booth

20’W x 8’L x 12’H

Step it up next season with our bright and beautiful Grand Carnival booth. It is a unique design based off of a traditional carnival trailer. The Grand Carnival booth is a multi-purpose unit perfect for ticket sales, registration, fun foods, table-top carnival games and more.



Flap Attack Table Top

Challenge your opponent, Roll the ball up hill knocking down flaps to land high score. Watch out or the drop-off! Check out the Video. Game Items included are 2 Balls. Items must be returned to avoid a replacement fee for any lost/damaged items.

Customer must supply table or add one to order.

Delivery Fee may apply.