Food Machines


Food Machines

Food Machines

Don't forget to rent the better kids favorite slushy and Nacho Machine, this summer. We carry different food machines for your next event. We also carry the supplies for select machines. If you need any help, contact us.


Black Fire Pit

Black Fire Pit for Rent. You and your friends can make a Small BBQ's get together or keep your guest warm in a the night time with a Cozy, Crackling outdoor fire, and S'mores for the Kids.



3 Ft. Charcoal Grills

3'L x 2'W x 3'H

A small 3 ft Charcoal grill on wheels. The grill itself can be lowered to be closer to the flame or raised to be farther from the flame.

Don't forget to lock the legs so the unit doesn't roll away.

No Charcoal or items included in rental of unit.

Delivery Fee may apply.



5 Ft Charcoal Grill

5'L x 2'W x 3'H

A Longer 5 ft grill on wheels. Book for your next cook out. The grill can be placed closer to the flame or higher up.

No Charcoal or items included in rental of unit.

Delivery Fee may apply.



Pro BBQ Grill

8'L x 2'W x 4'H

This is a great Pro-BBQ for large events. Price does not include the 2 propane tanks



Large Chocolate Fountain

A Large Chocolate Fountain to provide delicious chocolate covered snacks. Chocolate is not included.

Customer must supply a 3lb bag of chocolate. Chocolate must be melted before being put into the machine.

Delivery fee may apply.



Coffee makers

This coffee maker is great when you have those coffee loves over for a coffee night, events, sales, or a loving goodbye.



Hot Dog machine cooker

Can cook up to 18 Hot dogs in 15-20 Minutes (Varies by size of Hot Dog). No Items included or available.

Customer must provide an outlet and table.

Delivery Fee may apply.



Nachos Machine w/Cheese

Nacho's anyone? Rent me for your next event. $90.00 ( includes: 1 Bag of Cheese and Machine Only, NO Chips)

Easy to use. Top your chips or other food with cheese at a press of a button.



Cotton Candy Machine only

Cotton Candy machine rental. Great for your next event.

Machine Only: $60.00 (No Items Included)(no Dome)

Items available for an additional Fee. Sets for 50 kids are an additional $25. Includes Sugar (Blue or Pink) and 50 paper sticks

( No Dome included )

Dome only $30.00 (This items is extra, ask for it if you need one)

Holiday Price: Regular Price + $20.00

Price is to a home in the San Fernando Valley. Delivery Fee may apply. Price to a Park is Extra $ contact us for more details.



Cotton Candy Supplies (for 70 Kids)

Pictured are the 2 flavors available: Vanilla and Blue Raspberry.

Set for 70 Kids comes with 70 Paper sticks and 1 carton of sugar of your favorite flavor. Pink or Blue

Price is per Set



Popcorn Supplies (for 50 Kids)

Each set of popcorn includes the popcorn bag sets with butter and 50 paper bags. Items come in a white plastic bag.

Additional sets available.



Popcorn Machine Only

Rent this popcorn machine for your next event. Electrical outlet needed. This machine is a table top so customer must supply a table. Rent Machine for only $60.00. Reserve it today. Pricing is for machine only. No supplies.



Sno-Kones Machine Only (Manual)

No electricity? This is the one for you. Manual Sno-Kones Machine. Great for Parks.

Machine Only: $55.00 (No Items Included)

Items available for an additional fee.

Holiday Price: Regular Price + $20.00

Price to a home in the San Fernando Valley. Delivery Fee may apply.



Snow-kone Machine #2 Only (Electric)

Chill down with this snow-kone machine during summer heat. Electrical outlet needed.

Pricing is for machine only with a scoop. Please ensure scoop is left with the machine.

Sets of supplies available for an additional fee. Sets would include 2 Flavors and 50 Cone Cups. NO ICE INCLUDED.

Syrup Bottles must be returned to driver.



Snow Cone Supplies (For 50 Kids)

Snow cone Supply included is 2 Flavors and 50 paper cone cups. Choose any two flavors from the following list:

Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Bubblegum, or Grape.

Ice is not included. Kits sold in packages for 50 kids each.



Margarita Machine

Slush, Freeze, Ice drink, by adding the water and one flavor to the one side drums and the other can be for Adults like a Margarita machines. Just ADD Water and the mix wait till it's done freezing the flavor and add your drink in.



Slush Machine w/2 Flavors

Slush, Freeze, or ice drink. Just ADD Water.

$275.00 ( includes: 2 Flavors no water included) $250 Machine only ( no items included )